:: winter retreat | healing in community ::

a collaboration rooted in a vision of healing, meaningmaking & joyful community led by melisa doran cole, yoga teacher, intuitive, and owner of the ninth house & kelly wilt, healing practitioner, writer, and believer of a more beautiful world.

when & where

Saturday, January 19 through Sunday, January 20th, 2019

1.5 days, 1 night

A beautiful cabin on Mt. Lemmon, the highest point on the Catalina Mountains, located in Summerhaven, just north of Tucson, Arizona.


Join a small community of womxn in sharing inβ€”

energy + ritual + reflection + nature + creativity + nourishment + sisterhood



All folks who identify as womxn/women are welcome. This retreat is intended for individuals who have experienced trauma and are interested in deepening their healing work in a small and supportive community.

Spots are limited to 8-10 participants.

If you have questions about whether the retreat is right for you, please contact us.

accommodations & exchange

Accommodations include lodging, meals + snacks, and art + reflection materials. Lodging, in most cases, includes a shared bedroom.

We are committed to offering healing opportunities that are affordable to the greatest extent possible.

Cost is $200 | sliding scale available

Please contact us if cost is a prohibitive factor. For those who are able to pay more to help offset the cost for someone who needs to pay less, your generosity is appreciated.

Non-refundable deposit due in December.