words from clients, collaborators, and partners

Kelly is an incredibly kind soul who connects on a deeper level to those around her. She is dependable, a fighter, and will be fiercely loyal to those in her care. Kelly gave me the space to help teach others, allowing myself to heal while healing those around me. She empowers those that she leads, however, (and even more importantly), she leads by teaching others to lead for themselves.
— Alie, Peer Educator
Kelly’s greatest strength is that she is kind and compassionate with an unending wellspring of empathy.
— Gabriella Corcoran, Intern at PEAC, Dickinson College
Kelly is a dynamic and passionate advocate. She creates healing spaces to ensure that survivors’ needs are being met in the most holistic way possible. Kelly has a gentle, compassionate spirit and is always a pleasure to work with.
— L. Masgalas, advocate
Working with Kelly was amazing! She really cares about the work she does and is always committed. She brings passion to whatever she does. She’s an empowering person who sees the best in the people she works with and makes them feel welcome. She works and actively creates an inclusive environment for everyone to succeed in.
— Madison
Kelly has a unique ability to engage and empower others in really special ways. She is a fierce leader who inspires others beyond measure to get up and make a difference. Her enthusiasm in the areas for which she is passionate is infectious... She is ambitious, she is inspiring, she does not give in under difficult circumstances or turmoil. And she somehow is all of these things while remaining humble, while carrying the burdens of others on her own shoulders, and while maintaining perhaps the sweetest demeanor I’ve ever known. She approaches some of the toughest subjects there is to talk about with bravery, kindness, and compassion.
— Kendra Weller, Peer Educator
Kelly has a style that is both empathetic and incisive. She is immanently competent, and still manages to put the people she works with at ease.
— anonymous
Kelly was an awesome supervisor, teacher and person. In my time working with her, she was always there when I needed her and she provided excellent leadership and a model for us to follow.
— Bakary S.
Kelly is innovative, honest, energetic, caring, and revolutionary. I have been away from campus for 3 years, and I still hear about all the good work she has done from my peers and the impact she made now that she has left Dickinson. I can tell that this is not just a default line of work or a job title for Kelly, but this is a life long passion she wants to nurture and follow in order to ensure there is justice for all people. Beyond justice, her methods involve repairing and supporting communities so that we can eventually love and support one another.
— Larry Jolón Special Events & Volunteer Coordinator, North/Eastside Senior Coalition
When working with Kelly I’ve always appreciated her thoughtfulness for others—both with colleagues and in considering how the work will best support survivors.
— Taylor, Online Resource Specialist, National Sexual Violence Resource Center
When working with Kelly my experience was always a positive and informative one. I felt that every interaction was a learning experience because of her knowledge and understanding. She was a wonderful person to partner with and has a passion that comes through in the work that she does.
— Dana Hippensteel, LSW
Kelly is an eternally positive and creative presence... She is focused and compassionate, perceptive of the environment and others.
— Margot McCrillis, Peer Education Facilitator, Dickinson College '18
I have had the privilege of working with Kelly in the sexual assault movement and in higher education. She brings expertise, insight, and an unwavering advocacy mindset to her work and team.
— Donna Greco, sexual assault public policy advocate