How long does therapy take?

There’s no standard answer here, because it’s not that simple. Everyone is different. And different life experiences and goals will benefit from different amounts of time in therapy. There are too many variables that influence time in therapy for me to give provide a concrete time range.

What I can tell you is that my top priority is supporting you in reaching your goals, and the best indicator I have of that is when you share with me that you think we’ve done the work you needed to do and that you’re ready to move on. I will be honest with you about what I notice and what I believe would be helpful. And, I make a concerted effort to ensure that we are pacing therapy in a supportive manner, that takes everything you have going on into account.

What does that mean?

There are times throughout life when we have a lot to work on. Some issues come up that are more short-term oriented and need immediate attention. Other challenges may need a longer-term approach. If we get to a place where the immediate concerns are calm enough, yet I can see there are some longer term goals to work on, I will be direct with you about it. From there, we will work together to discern whether right now is the best time to work on those longer-term goals.

You don’t have to change everything in your life right now – life’s a journey and there will always be room for growth and self-discovery. Additionally, taking breaks from therapy can be an important as well. We’re partners in this and together will discern a path that is realistic and empowering of your short and long-term goals.